Understanding Cloud Computing

Davis LLP Litigation Breakfast Seminar Materials

November 18, 2011

Cloud Computing offers companies the promise of convenient, on-demand, scalable network access without the need to maintain expensive internal IT staff and infrastructure.

Many companies have jumped at this opportunity and signed cloud computing agreements in an effort to save costs, but without fully understanding the technology risks, business concerns or their legal obligations.

The Davis LLP panel of experts will provide a practical understanding of the privacy, intellectual property, employment and other legal issues which should be considered before venturing into the Cloud. This course is a must for Directors, Officers, Corporate Counsel and Risk Managers looking for a solid understanding of how to reap the benefits and mitigate the risks of the Cloud.

Presentation Topics Include:
– The Gathering Storm: An Introduction to Cloud Computing
– One Hail of a Mess: Litigation and e-Discovery Issues in the Cloud
– Thunderstruck: Privacy and Employment Law Issues in the Cloud
– Weathering the Storm: Protecting your Intellectual Property in the Cloud
– Clearing the Skies: Contract and Negotiation Tips