Pinterest Raises Sticky Copyright Issues

The Lawyers Weekly

May 03, 2012

Pinterest, an online photo-sharing community, has quickly grown into a social media phenomenon. Its explosive popularity has benefited many artists, photographers and businesses by bringing them excellent exposure and referral traffic, but at the same time the increasingly prevalent practice of digital content curation—as members post and re-post images scoured from the far reaches of the internet onto individual "pinboards"—has also raised complex copyright issues.

Chris Bennett, member of the Davis LLP Intellectual Property law group, examines the potential infringement and liability issues at work in this informative article that outlines the steps Pinterest has taken to protect itself and the implications for its users.

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This article originally appeared under the title "Site Raises Sticky Copyright Issues" in the May 4, 2012, issue of The Lawyers Weekly published by LexisNexis Canada Inc.