Getting Your Business Ready to Sell

Davis LLP Corporate / Commercial Bulletin

November 15, 2012

Selling your business is a lot like selling your house: it should have “curb appeal” and pass a buyer’s “home inspection” with flying colours.

In this article, we will look at some of the steps that you, as an owner-manager or officer/director of a mid-sized company, can take to get your business ready to sell. Questions we will cover include:

  • Objectives and Planning: what do you want to do and when?
  • Sale Process: are you prepared to take all of the steps between now and closing?
  • Value: what is your business worth?
  • Team of Advisors: whose help do you need?
  • Buyers: who are the potential buyers of your business?
  • Corporate Structuring: does your current structure make sense for the deal?
  • Seller Due Diligence: do you have the answers to all of the questions buyers might ask?

At the end of the article, we summarize tips to consider in your day-to-day operations and when selling becomes likely.

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