Changes to Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff Program

Davis LLP Environmental, Energy, and Resources Bulletin

February 14, 2011

The Ontario Power Authority (“OPA”) launched its Feed-in Tariff (“FIT”) program on October 1, 2009. The response to the FIT program has been greater than expected. In part because of this overwhelming response, the OPA has adjusted the program in several material ways in the past few months. This bulletin provides a brief overview of the FIT program and describes the following program changes:

  • Removal of off-shore wind power from the FIT;
  • Extension of Milestone Date for Commercial Operation for FIT contract holders;
  • Change in microFIT rates for solar projects;
  • Exclusion of commercial aggregators from the microFIT program and addition of a new stream for aggregators;
  • Release of guidance for multiple projects on one property;
  • Change in rules regarding the connection process for capacity allocation exempt projects; and
  • Exclusion of behind-the-meter projects from the FIT.