Media, Entertainment & Communications

The Davis LLP Media, Entertainment & Communications Law Practice Group provides corporate and legal advice to clients active in film & television production, communications, broadcasting, animation, print, music and technology.

Our clients in this sector include producers and independent production companies, as well as financiers involved in film & television and lending & equity placement.

We strive to assist our clients in achieving their long-term business objectives and financial strategies. We offer high-level legal expertise in business development, financing, production, distribution, insurance and entertainment related labor issues.

Specifically, we assist with:


  • Production and distribution matters
  • Financing structures, including securitization of tax credits and government agency
  • Entertainment related insurance including completion bond requirements
  • Rights licensing
  • Talent and labour relations
  • Music Clearance
  • Intellectual property law, including issues related to errors & omissions, copyrights and trade-marks


  • Corporate/commercial/securities law
  • Mergers, amalgamations, acquisitions and takeover defences
  • Insurance/risk management
  • Taxation matters, including tax credits, withholding tax and commodities tax
  • Banking


  • Litigation in the federal and provincial trial and appellate courts, and in the Supreme Court of Canada
  • Freedom of expression, defamation and “newsroom” law
  • Privacy, publicity and personality rights issues


  • CRTC
  • Copyright Board
  • Competition
  • Marketing and publicity law
  • Labour, employment and personnel matters, including advocacy before arbitrators, tribunals, and federal and provincial labour relations boards