Davis LLP has over 60 years of business experience in Japan. We remain the first and only Canadian law firm to have an established presence in Japan.

Davis & Takahashi has a team of uniquely qualified business lawyers — many of whom are fluent in Japanese — who are experienced in dealing with the distinctive needs of Japanese companies. Each one plays a role in making the group a powerful source of practical business legal advice for both Japanese companies and Canadian companies doing business in or with Japan.

Across the Ocean, Across the Board

From assisting with drafting simple commercial contracts to negotiating, structuring and documenting billion dollar projects, we have the right resources and expertise coupled with enthusiasm to get the project done — in the right location, on the ground.

Corporate Finance

Every company must deal with financing issues from time to time. We assist our clients with all aspects of corporate finance including share issuance, bank financing, asset-backed financing and public offerings.

Particularly, lawyers at Davis & Takahashi organize deals on behalf of our clients based on market practices in fields that require a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience such as structured finance, project finance, real estate finance, leveraged finance, banking, capital markets and J-REIT.


We have provided support for Japanese companies seeking to expand their businesses into North and South America, Asia and Europe, as well as for overseas enterprises wishing to expand into Japan. Our deep experience in this area enables us to provide distinctive legal services critical to efforts in implementing strategic business management related to M&A, various types of business partnerships, corporate reorganizations and restructuring, and other general corporate fields where strategic business management plays an important role.

Natural Resources

Natural resources play a significant role in Canada’s economy. For more than a century, we have remained involved in forestry, mining, power generation and other natural-resource development projects. We continue to advise our clients about issues related to the development of natural resources such as petroleum and minerals found in resource-rich Canada and similar regions, as well as investment matters related to this development. We also advise clients regarding matters and strategies centred on global warming, emissions trading and the development of alternative energy sources.

Public-Private Partnerships

We remain at the forefront in structuring and advising on public-private partnership transactions in Canada. Our Japan Group has a wealth of experience when it comes to Japanese domestic infrastructure projects such as PFI and wind-power generation, and also serves as a legal advisor for lenders, supporters, contractors and public bodies related to infrastructure and PPP in North and South America, Europe and other regions.

In recent years, we have focused on infrastructure exports to developing nations in regions such as Asia and South America, as well as project finance and PPP in developing nations. The firm adapts to the establishment of, and modifications to, judicial systems in developing nations in a timely manner. We also act on behalf of clients working in related fields, providing them with legal services backed by knowledge and experience.

Joint Ventures

Many of our clients have business partners. We help our client structure effective shareholder and joint-venture agreements, as well as advise on other forms of business associations including corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, and syndication.

International Trade

Because of the nature of our practice area, the transactions we deal with generally have an international element. We assist Japanese companies investing and trading with Canada and in other countries, and facilitate opportunities for Canadian companies doing business in Japan. We advise on international trade matters including negotiating international trade agreements, representing clients in arbitration and international dispute settlement proceedings, and advising on anti-dumping and countervailing duty regulations.


Efficiency is an important objective of every business and tax is a critical element of business efficiency. We have a sizeable tax group that helps structure business operations to maximize tax effectiveness.

Intellectual Property / Information Technology & Outsourcing

Information technology and intellectual property has become an integral component of doing business. Our specially trained and accredited professionals advise on technology transfers, franchising, trade-mark protection, patent matters and other intellectual property matters.

Commercial Land Development and Recreational Development

Canada is a major tourist destination. We assist Japanese real estate development groups with commercial land development and resort development projects including destination ski resorts, hotels and golf courses.


A company’s strength is in its human resources. We provide clients with practical employment and labour advice to develop and maintain such strength.


When disputes arise, we have the expertise and resources to address and resolve the dispute using highly accomplished conflict management skills, alternate dispute resolution or standard litigation.