Corporate / Commercial and Mergers & Acquisitions

The Davis LLP Corporate / Commercial and Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group has provided legal and business advice to individuals, corporations, partnerships and other entities spanning the full range of commercial activity for more than 100 years.

Our group comprises more than 85 lawyers possessing high levels of expertise in many industries and includes members of our other practice areas such as Commercial Lending, Taxation, Estate Planning & Litigation, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Competition and Franchise & Distribution.

We represent some of the largest corporations in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan and elsewhere, while attending to the specialized needs of smaller independent business.

The firm’s commercial expertise is rooted in the development of the natural resource industries of Western and Northern Canada over the last century. Much of this development has occurred through off-shore and cross-border investment and M&A.

As a consequence, we have special expertise structuring and carrying out the acquisitions and investments of off-shore and cross-border investors, including:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate reorganizations, as well as related financing matters, competition issues, bulk sales, regulatory and other legal issues
  • Project development and project financing (including public-private partnerships and infrastructure projects)
  • Corporations, limited and general partnerships, and joint ventures, and other forms of business associations and strategic alliances
  • Securities laws and the regulatory process, corporate finance, and public offerings
  • Amalgamations, plans of arrangement, and other business combinations which implement complex corporate reorganizations in a tax-effective manner
  • Responsibilities, liabilities and fiduciary duties of directors of private and public companies, and other corporate governance matters
  • Environmental laws and regulations applicable to various business enterprises
  • Dealership agreements, franchise agreements, and product distribution agreements
  • Technology transfers, trade-mark protection and other matters involving intellectual property and information technology
  • Licence agreements, supply contracts, customer service agreements, employment agreements, management agreements, consulting agreements, project agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, and innumerable other commercial contracts
  • Forestry, mining, hospitality, health care, media, and other industry specialties
  • Commercial arbitration matters, including international arbitration


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