Conflict Management & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Davis LLP is a recognized leader in the field of Conflict Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

We believe the best use of legal capital is to prevent disputes from happening in the first place. Accordingly, we have developed rigorous training programs in conflict management and conflict resolution to help our clients develop the skills they need to resolve their own disputes. Whether in the workplace, with suppliers or contractors, or in personal relationships, we help our clients–governments, the judiciary, not-for-profit organizations, professional regulatory bodies, and public and private companies – national and international– manage the cost of conflict resolution.

When conflicts unavoidably escalate, we use innovative alternative dispute resolution techniques combined with our deep experience in mediation and arbitration, as counsel and as neutrals, to find cost-effective and timely solutions. Whether it involves a commercial dispute, workplace conflict, construction, international trade, intellectual property, the internet, education, or human rights, we have the knowledge, experience, and cultural sensitivity to effectively and efficiently resolve the complex disputes that commonly arise out from clients’ global activities.

We provide a full range of confidential services, including mediation, arbitration, negotiation, system design, conflict audits, investigation and fact-finding, and training – each one customized to fit a client’s specific needs and objectives.

We also act as settlement counsel for clients involved in litigation, who want settlement negotiations handled by a lawyer who is not involved in the courtroom process, or who is independent of legal counsel appointed by the client’s insurers.