Davis LLP Video Game Law Blog Celebrates Third Birthday

November 26, 2007

November 26, 2007: Today, Davis LLP’s Video Game Law Blog celebrates its third birthday. Since its inception in 2004, the blog has been a vehicle for members of the Davis LLP Video Games & Interactive Entertainment Law Group to offer witty commentary and insight into cases in the realm of video game law. The blog is frequently updated and contains postings on issues that often arise in the gaming world, such as intellectual property, defamation, ownership of virtual property, and freedom of speech. The blog currently contains over 700 entries, including case commentary on issues stretching back to the early 1980’s.

The members of Davis LLP’s video game law group (all of whom contribute to the blog) include: Chris Bennett (Vancouver), David Spratley (Vancouver), Tudor Carsten (Toronto), Pablo Guzman (Montreal), Sarah Dale-Harris (Toronto), Michael Coburn (Vancouver) and Danielle (Dani) Lemon (Vancouver). Members of the group offer specialties in a variety of aspects of the law including intellectual property, taxation, litigation and immigration.

The blog’s readership is varied, and includes gaming industry executives and analysts, others in the legal community, and the gaming public at large. In addition to this traffic, the group has seen surges in new visitors after winning a series of industry awards, publicizing landmark decisions, and cross-promoting with others in the blogosphere. To encourage dialogue with readers, the group also distributes an email newsletter and provides RSS feeds so that readers can follow the industry using their preferred technology. The result of such attention to detail has seen the group acknowledged as national leaders in the video game law industry.

Davis LLP, which was founded in Vancouver in 1892, has found success with the young practice. “At the time we launched the blog, most law firms were not running blogs from their firm websites, instead having lawyers run them independently from personal accounts. Davis had us up on the home page from day one.” This type of niche marketing is integral to the success of Davis LLP’s video game law.

In September of this year, the group opened a virtual office in the online world called Second Life – another Canadian first.