Brandon Barnes Sees Wisdom in Cross-Border Joint Trial for Nortel Insolvency

Source: Law Times

March 21, 2013

Davis LLP's Brandon Barnes is quoted in the March 18, 2013 issue of Law Times, in which he explains why dividing assets from the liquidation of Nortel Networks through a cross-border joint trial is a creative approach that should be applauded.

"I think it’s quite a wise decision in the sense there is a reluctance sometimes to acknowledge the limits of the jurisdiction of the court,” he says in the interview. “By that I don’t mean the legal jurisdiction but the geographic jurisdiction. There’s a tendency to think ‘the assets are overseas and it’s out of our reach.’ Looking at this from a global perspective and recognizing the business of Nortel was essentially global in nature, why not allow the courts to rise to that level?”

A version of the print edition is available on the Legal Feeds blog.

Barnes has also written on this issue in the Davis LLP Litigation Blog.