Aequitas Innovations Inc. to Launch TSX Rival

July 03, 2013

On June 25, 2013, Aequitas Innovations Inc. (Aequitas) announced its intention to establish a new Canadian stock exchange that will rival TMX Group Ltd.’s Toronto Stock Exchange. Aequitas was founded by a diversified group of Canadian corporations, including Barclays Plc, CI Financial Corp., IGM Financial Inc., ITG Canada Corp. and PSP Public Markets Inc.

Greg Mills, Chairman of Aequitas and Co-Head of RBC Capital Markets’ Global Equities division said that, “Through Aequitas, we have a compelling opportunity to create a level playing field for both retail and institutional investors by challenging certain predatory high frequency trading strategies which have impacted the quality of existing equity markets.”

ITG Canada Corp. is represented by Davis LLP’s Noam Goodman.