Davis LLP wants its employees to feel positive and enthusiastic about their day-to-day contributions and those of their co-workers. We embrace a “get-the-job-done-right” attitude right across the firm and celebrate our achievements as a team.
Individuals seeking employment at Davis LLP should embody the same desire for success. They should have demonstrated knowledge of their area of expertise through education and experience, as well as a natural ability to work as a team player with a diverse group of people, as well as independently – in an often fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment.
We particularly appreciate those who approach tasks with innovation and resourcefulness while adhering to the rules and regulations inherent to the practice of law. We support new ideas that improve efficiency and effectiveness.
We give consideration to all candidates, including internal and external applicants, and make offers to individuals with the best mix of training, experience, and initiative, as well as a demonstrated aspiration to make positive contributions.