Edmonton Summer Program

Program Description

Each year, we typically hire one outstanding law student to experience a summer with our Edmonton office. We consider all applications that we receive.

Our summer program is intended to serve as an introduction to the practice of law. Most of our summer students have little, if any, previous experience in a law firm, and our summer program is designed as the first step in the transition from the academic study of law to the practice of law.

Our summer students are treated as articled students in virtually all respects. Summer students receive the same range of work as our articled students, but do not participate in a formal rotation; we encourage our summer students to use the flexibility of the program to explore specific areas of interest - to see whether a particular type of law is as interesting in practice as in the classroom. Summer students are, of course, encouraged to participate in the various social activities offered by the firm.

Each summer student has the benefit of a supervising lawyer who provides guidance and feedback to the student over the course of the summer.

During the summer we present a series of weekly seminars, coordinated by our national Director of Student Programs and tailored specifically for our summer students, to discuss practice-related topics such as conflicts of interest, the business of law, professional civility and courtesy, risk management, and effective client communication. Our students are also encouraged to attend other in-house professional development seminars offered firm-wide.

We hope that when they return to law school, our summer students take with them a fundamental understanding of the practice of law that will serve as a solid foundation for their articling experience.

Compensation and Benefits

Summer students' salaries and benefits are competitive with those of other major Edmonton firms, and are reviewed on an annual basis.

Offices and Administrative Support

Our summer students are provided with their own offices. All of the firm's administrative resources are available to our summer students as required.

Hireback Ratios

In recent years, virtually all of our summer students have returned to article with the firm.


The Student Recruitment & Development Committee is responsible for hiring summer students. The hiring criteria used by the Committee are varied and flexible. While strong academic achievement is obviously important, our primary emphasis is on hiring candidates who are personable and who demonstrate, through their résumés and interviews, initiative, effective communication skills, leadership, involvement in law-related and community activities, and team spirit.

We have completed our summer student hiring for 2015, and we intend to accept applications next year for the summer of 2016.

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phone: 780.429.6810