A Memorable Evening with Erin Brockovich at the 2013 Environmental Defence Gala

On Wednesday March 21, Davis LLP sponsored a table at the Environmental Defence Gala at the Eglinton Grand in Toronto. The keynote speaker was Erin Brockovich. We hosted a number of clients who are involved in leading community activism work – responding to quarry, wind farm, and urban development applications – including representatives of Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment (FORCE), Citizens Alliance United for a Sustainable Environment (CAUSE), Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE), and the Teddington Park Residents Association.

Erin Brockovich gave a funny and moving account of her life post-Hollywood, and her ongoing quest for transparency and honesty in chemical reporting by industry and government. Ms. Brockovich also described her current project to create a global online database of cancer hotspots, inspired by the many individuals all over the globe who have reached out to her to describe their own stories after hearing of her ground-breaking work in Hinkely, California.

Congratulations to Environmental Defence for a memorable evening.