Nintendo Sued For Patent Infringement, Again

Last week in the Federal District Court in Tyler, Lonestar Inventions LP sued Nintendo for patent infringement. Lonestar claims that the Wii uses Lonestar’s patented structure of lining up capacitors in parallel conducting strips. Lonestar has apparently sued other companies for patent infringement (including Texas Instruments and Broadcom) and negotiated licence agreements with each of them.

Just last year Nintendo was sued by Interlink Electronics, Inc. for allegedly violating one of Interlink's patents in the design of the Wii's controller. And there have been plenty other patent lawsuits in the gaming industry lately, including Paltalk's suit against Microsoft regarding Xbox Live, Red Octane's suit against Ant Commandos regarding wireless guitar controllers, and of course Immersion won a $91 million judgment against Sony regarding the force feedback feature of Sony’s Dual Shock Controllers.

Lonestar coverage here (Toronto Star).