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  • The Rising Wave Of Ocean Energy
    Energy can be generated from the oceans by harnessing the kinetic power generated by currents, tides and waves, as well as by placing wind turbines offshore. And there is a lot of energy to be
  • Tax Planning And Renewable Energy Projects
    Although small energy projects can be built and integrated into buildings, most of the renewable energy that will be generated will be done through large scale projects. This provides efficiencies
  • Getting Local Buy-In ... Literally
    Hats off to the government of Prince Edward Island for coming up with a way to get local residents to literally buy into renewable energy. The governmant launched an "Energy Savings Bonds"
  • Unintended Consequences Of Government Efforts To Promote Renewable Energy -- Japan's Recent Experience
    As the British Columbia government considers options for achieving the ambitious goals set out in its recent Throne Speech and Energy Plan II, it would do well to consider the lessons to be learned
  • BC Hydro Announces 2007 Bioenergy RFEOI
    In the first step towards a Bioenergy Call for Power, BC Hydro announced today that it is conducting a request for expressions of interest ("RFEOI") with regards to the use of wood fibre
  • BC Energy Plan Calls For Two New BC Hydro Power Calls
    BC Hydro has been tossing around the idea of issuing a call for power focused on 'near commercial' technologies for a while now.  Near commercial technolgies include both hydrogen fuel
  • How Much Tax Relief Is That?
    For those of you curious as to the exact details on the tax exemption relating to wind power, the 2007 Budget will be providing an exemption to wind power similar to the exemption provided in 2005
  • Wait For 2008
    The 2007 BC Budget has just been introduced to the Legislative Assembly and the Throne Speech is acknowledged.  But if you were hoping for funds on climate change initiatives to appear in this
  • Government Commits To Renewable Energy And Combatting Global Warming
    The British Columbia government made a series of dramatic commitments to renewable energy and sustainable development in its 2007 Throne Speech.  The government dedicated roughly half of the


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