Our History - 1945-1959
Japanese-Canadians leaving for the British Columbia Interior. Photo Credit – The City of Vancouver Archive
Commitment to defending the civil rights of the Japanese-Canadian community.

1945 - 1959

History Line

Lett’s close connections with Japan laid the foundation for the firm’s commitment to Japanese-Canadians and instilled an enthusiasm among its professionals to defend their civil rights. Bob McMaster championed the cause of Japanese-Canadians who lost their property when forced to resettle in the B.C. interior. McMaster blocked attempts by the federal government to deport more than 10,000 Japanese-Canadians, then persuaded a Royal Commission to recommend substantially higher compensation for the land, homes and businesses seized from Japanese-Canadians during the war. In 1957, the firm hired Japanese-Canadian George Fujisawa who led the firm to act for virtually all Japanese companies doing business in B.C.

Closing out the decade, the firm merged with Campbell, Brazier, Fisher, McMaster, Johnson and Alley in 1958, boosting litigation and mining practices, particularly.