Our History - 1960-1979
Alex Fisher, Charles Brazier, Tommy Campbell and Arthur J.F Johnson. Photo Credit – The City of Vancouver Archive
Campbell felt strongly that when partners met it was very important and symbolically significant that they share a table and a meal together.

1960 - 1979

History Line

During the 1960s and 1970s, the firm prospered with a client base strengthened from the merger. Charles Brazier, one of the foremost litigators of the day and an expert in rail transportation, led a very strong litigation team; and Alex Fisher led the burgeoning mining practice with coal, copper and other types of mining representing a large amount of the firm's work.

The firm’s solicitor practice had a sizeable portfolio of substantial banking clientele, and its strong forestry practice advised the B.C. Government and provincial commissions on matters regarding energy and transportation.

The Japan practice surged ahead, and the firm's association with Japanese-Canadians and Japanese companies enabled its lawyers to participate in many international transactions such as joint ventures with the U.S., and in litigation across Canada.

McMaster forged relationships with credit unions and co-operative associations that continue today. Many young lawyers came on board during this period, and the firm more than doubled, growing from 20 to 50 lawyers. Major clients included CIBC, the Hudson's Bay Company, B.C. Telephone, MacMillan Bloedel, and British Pacific Properties.

Davis became one of the top firms in Vancouver.