Going Green

We recognize that “Going Green” is not a fad – it is a sustainable way of doing business. At Davis LLP, we strive to make a difference by supporting and creating programs that make it possible to embrace new habits that protect the environment while reducing our carbon footprints.

We began by creating a national Environmental Sustainability Task Force to address our environmental impact. The Task Force helped the firm implement a number of sustainability initiatives to save paper and electricity, adopt garbage & recycling programs, and identify and encourage travel and commuting alternatives:

  • Elimination of bottled water from our staffrooms and boardrooms, replacing them with filtered water purified by reverse-osmosis
  • Implementation of recycling programs for batteries, paper, plastic & drink containers
  • Installation of software programs to reduce paper, including fax-to-desktop software that receives faxes by email, and an electronic document management system that stores and catalogues faxes, emails, PDFs and other documents electronically
  • Use of 30% recycled paper for printers and copiers in our Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver offices, and 100% recycled paper for letterhead—firm-wide
  • Conversion of computer monitors to energy-efficient LCD flat screens
  • Installation of timers or motion-sensors on lighting to reduce electricity
  • Telephone conference and video conference calls as often as possible to reduce GHG emissions from cross-country travel
  • Participation in the Translink Pass Program (Vancouver) to promote public transit
  • Provision of change rooms and shower facilities to enable employees to bike/walk to work.

As a tribute to our appreciation of the outdoors, we have organized client bike trips for the past two years where groups of Davis lawyers and clients spend an afternoon together, cycling approximately 50-60 kilometres each trip.

Davis LLP also encourages its employees to partcipate in community initiatives that raise environmental awareness such as the Commuter Challenge, in which our Vancouver office has placed first in the provincial category of companies with  251-500 employees two years in a row (2011 and 2012).