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June 10, 2006

In an earlier posting we reported that a World of Warcraft enthusiast had sued Blizzard Entertainment, parent company Vivendi Universal and the Entertainment Software Association for "improperly" banning him from auctioning copies of his unauthorized guide to WOW called the "Ultimate World of Warcraft Leveling and Gold Guide" on eBay. 

The ban occurred after Blizzard, Vivendi and the ESA fired off several takedown notices to eBay, claiming the guides infringed copyright in WOW. The guides apparently included copyrighted screenshots from WOW. Blizzard claimed this was copyright infringement; the gamer claimed he was making "fair use" of the images.

We'll never know because the parties have settled. Under the settlement, Blizzard agreed to drop its infringement claims and stop sending takedown notices to eBay. The gamer agreed not to include any cheats in the guide.
Coverage here (cnet)