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March 29, 2005

New York Senator Hillary Clinton has added her voice to those who oppose violent video games, and has specifically mentioned the Grand Theft Auto series as a major threat to morality. Clinton has joined with some Republican senators to put pressure on Congress to investigate (to the tune of $90 million) the effects of games and other electronic media on children.

Senator Clinton is reportedly seeking the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008, and has taken some right-wing positions on domestic issues in recent months in an attempt to woo traditionally Republican voters. Her position on video games is most likely a political manoeuvre, but having such a well-known, prominent Democrat come out swinging against video games may have a greater impact than similar moves by more right-wing politicians.  In any event, it keeps the spotlight on violent video games.

Coverage at http://shorl.com/fevodasabrygu

Senator Clinton's press release at http://shorl.com/hebonajipeduasabrygu Senator Clinton's press release at http://shorl.com/hebonajipedu