Video Games Get More Annoying

Video Game Law Blog

July 25, 2005

Massive Inc., a New York-based company which places ads in video games, has developed technology that downloads full-motion video ads from the internet and inserts them automatically into a certain PC game (Anarchy Online). Video game ad insertion has traditionally been problematic because ads would need to be integrated into the game's code, leading toward logo or brand placement instead of current ad campaigns or timely offers; however, because Massive's technology permits ads to be constantly updated via the web, ads can be current, timely, and frequently changed. Although currently a PC trend due to the broad-based availability of the internet for PC gaming, the next generation of consoles' drive for ubiquitous online availability means no one will have to wait long for their electronic avatars to be assailed by constant commercialization. Just like the real world, only with anti-aliasing!

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