Video Game Law Blog

July 10, 2005

Biggs, a wildlife photographer, sued various companies (including a coin-op game distributor and a software distributor) for copyright infringement. Biggs claimed that the companies had infringed his copyrights by copying, distributing and displaying various images of deer and turkey which he photographed. The photos were used in the video games 'Big Buck Hunter"?, 'Big Buck Hunter Shooters' Challenge "? and 'Big Buck Hunter 2: Sportsmen's Challenge"?. 

Two of the defendants asked the court to dismiss the lawsuits. They claimed the court had no jurisdiction over them because they weren't located in Texas. The court refused because the first defendant encouraged sales in Texas and the second defendant intended to distribute the games as widely as possible. 
The case doesn't appear to be reported yet, but the citation is Biggsv.Bass Pro Outdoor World, LLC, [2005] U.S.Dist. LEXIS 12519 (June 27, 2005)