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September 07, 2006

In what is said to be the first such deal of its kind, Double Fusion has partnered with Emergent for the integration of their in-game ad technology to Gamebryo Element game engine and toolkit. Double Fusion's stated goal is to allow advertisers to "move 'beyond the billboard' to employ 3D interactive objects, video, interactive ads, and other exclusive and unique advertising formats". 

Certain Canadian jurisdictions have enacted legislation prohibiting traditional commercial advertising directed at minors (the notion of what is a minor is specifically defined in said legislation – for example, in Quebec, the trigger age is 13). 

To determine whether or not an ad is directed at a minor, legislators have taken into account several factors including 

 (a) the nature and intended purpose of the goods advertised; 

 (b) the manner of presenting such advertisement; 

 (c) the time and place it is shown. 

We will certainly keep an eye on how legislators and the courts deal with this new form of advertising. 
coverage at (GameDaily)