Street Fighter Publisher Delivers Uppercut to Gamers Sharing Leaked Videos on YouTube

Video Game Law Blog

January 26, 2011

Edge Magazine reports that Capcom, the publisher of Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, is cracking down on leaked videos of three new characters that appear in the latest installment. Videos have been posted and shared by fans of the series after the characters were "unlocked" on machines at Arcade Infinity, a video arcade in southern California.

While leaks are not new to Capcom, or the industry in general, there are increased concerns about protecting copyright where video sharing is so highly accessible. Capcom has notified YouTube of the violations, resulting in YouTube's automated response of suspending a user's account and removing all of the user's videos, all of which is permissible by YouTube's terms of service. It will be interesting to see whether strict enforcement of copyright infringement has any effect on devoted fans of the game or otherwise affects sales when the game is eventually given a wider release.

YouTube terms of service are found here and Google's policy regarding uploading infringing content is found here.