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April 07, 2006

Those of you who regularly read our postings know that Dave and Chris are embroiled in an ongoing dispute about whether the USS Enterprise could defeat an Imperial Star Destroyer in a one-on-one fight. Dave says no;  Chris says yes.

That's just one of the reasons why Dave is affectionately known to his colleagues here at Davis as 'the Star Wars Kid"?. (The fact that he has a life-sized effigy of Darth Vader in his office probably helps too.)

Anyway, three years ago our office was abuzz with a rumour that Dave was prominently featured on the internet in a home-made video, twirling lightsabers about with all the dexterity of a newborn fawn. 

Sadly, we were all disappointed to learn that in fact there was (can you believe it?) ANOTHER Star Wars kid. The one in the video was much younger and much less of a video game lawyer. But he was equally good at twirling lightsabers.

What happened to that Star Wars kid is he shot a video of himself doing the Jedi Knight thing, but unfortunately the video fell into the hands of three schoolmates who posted it on the internet. The video soon became wildly famous, and as a result the kid endured years of humiliation. So, like any good Canadian Star Wars Kid would do, he sued. The case was due to be heard next week, but the parties have recently settled for an undisclosed amount.

You're probably wondering how this is a video game law case. It's not really (although we could make a point here about privacy and personality rights and the risks of including unauthorized content in video games). It's just that this story touched so close to home for our local Star Wars hero that we couldn't help but report it.
Coverage is here (Globe& Mail)