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January 10, 2006

While we thought we were pretty good at coming up with cool and innovative ways to defend intellectual property, Ivy Supersonic  has taken it to a whole new level. In 2002, Ms. Supersonic, publicist and hat designer to the stars, sued Twentieth Century Fox for trademark infringement , claiming she had created a character called Sqrat (half squirrel, half rat, all fun) way before a rodent character called Scrat showed up in the 2001 animated feature "Ice Age."  She lost the case but is back and suing Fox again in anticipation of the release of "Ice Age 2," demanding her share of royalties from the estimated $500 million gross from the first movie.  She's representing herself in court and has launched what she calls a full-scale media attack on Fox, which has included renting planes to fly around Los Angeles and New York pulling banners featuring pictures of her (semi) naked body , which she has had covered in Sqrat tattoos, publicizing statements in support of her cause from esteemed celebrities such as Tommy Lee, and posting every letter and email she receives from Fox on her website…

Coverage at  http://www.scrat.com  and http://sqrat.net