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November 21, 2006

When a New York Times article begins with, 'Howard Stringer, you have a problem. Your company's new video game system just isn't that great,"? you may be well advised to call your PR agency to arrange some damage control. Seth Schiesel of the New York Times took the PS3 for a week long, 30 hour, 13 game joy ride and had the following to say 

"Measured in megaflops, gigabytes and other technical benchmarks, the PlayStation 3 is certainly the world's most powerful game console. It falls far short, however, of providing the world's most engaging overall entertainment experience. There is a big difference, and Sony seems to have confused one for the other."

This can't be good news for Sony who some say may be fighting a losing battle with its main competitor, Microsoft. In his article, Stringer compares the PS3 with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and frankly, even as a neophyte in this arena, his article confirms my gut feeling that it would be better to wait and see what the next iteration looks like. 

I have to wonder what the bids look like on eBay now that gamers have had a chance to take the PS3 for a test run"?

Coverage at (NY Times)