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March 29, 2005

A US District Court has confirmed a jury's decision requiring Sony to pay damages for patent infringement to Immersion Corp. The jury ordered Sony to pay $82 million in damages (see previous coverage ) for infringing patents relating to 'vibro-tacticle"? technologies that cause controllers to vibrate in response to what is happening in the game. Immersion's infringement lawsuit names the PS2 console, Sony's DualShock controllers, and 47 games. 

The judge increased the damage award to $90.7 million to account for interest and issued a ban on the sale of PS2 consoles; however, that ban has been stayed pending Sony's appeal of the decision. Sony has paid Immersion $7 million in compulsory licence fees, and will continue to pay such fees until the parties settle or the decision is overturned.

Immersion settled a similar dispute with Microsoft over the Xbox console and controllers in 2003.

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