Sony Employee Fired For Criticizing PS3

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February 03, 2006

Sony Online Entertainment 3D artist Josh Robinson has been fired  for criticizing the PS3.  In January, Robinson posted comments criticizing PS3 development on his blog, including comments from other developers that the XBox 360 was technically a better product than the PS3.   In an interview   with PS3week, Robinson claims that despite showing the blog entry to two Sony employees and an SOE producer before posting it, SOE reception to his comments was less than warm and he was let go for breaching non-disclosure agreements (NDA) related to the PS3.  Robinson denies that he knowingly broke any NDA but says he has no ill will towards SOE, saying "it was something unfortunate that happened and I sincerely hope Sony isn't damaged by it."  Robinson says he's received several job offers since leaving Sony and is currently working with a company in the Santa Monica area.