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July 21, 2005

We described in a post  last month how Sony is cracking down on retailers who are selling imported PSPs in the UK. As part of this campaign, Sony recently obtained an injunction preventing online game retailer Nuplayer from selling imported Japanese PSPs in the UK. The court found that Nuplayer had no arguable defence against Sony's claim of trade-mark infringement, and required Nuplayer to pay damages and costs, give up its remaining inventory of Japanese PSPs, and provide details of profits, suppliers and the names and addresses of customers who bought more than 5 PSPs.

Nuplayer remains unshaken, however "? it claims that it only had a few Japanese PSPs remaining, and is already taking pre-orders in the UK on Europrean PSPs for a fair bit less than the recommended retail price. According to Nuplayer, its sales of imported European PSPs will more than make up for the damages it was required to pay to Sony.

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