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July 22, 2005

Jack Thompson, the outspoken American lawyer who has many things to say about video games, is turning his sights from Hot Coffee-gate to another game which is so ripe with depravity that even GTA can't compare. What game is it, you ask? Why, The Sims 2, of course.

The Sims is a 'life simulator"? "? you guide your character through everyday life, which of course includes tasks like going to work, preparing food, exercising, washing, etc. As in real life, Sims are occasionally naked. EA deals with this with tasteful blurring of sensitive regions (and remember, this is all pixelated anyway). Thompson claims that cheats exist which let you remove the blurring, and thus see your Sims in their full glory. EA denies this claim, stating that there's nothing to see even if the blurring is removed "? Sims are mannequin-esque, and not anatomically correct.

We're not going to say much more about Thompson's claims for fear that he might sue us too. We do note, however, that one particularly prescient video game lawyer apparently realized how The Sims had its dark side before the Thompson story hit GameSpot see the post from July 20 , in particular the last sentence. Perhaps our blog really IS getting out there.

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