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March 14, 2006

Last year we reported that a jury awarded Immersion Corp. $82 million in damages after deciding that the rumble feature in Sony's Dual Shock controllers violated two US patents owned by Immersion.  Sony was also ordered to pay a licensing fee of 1.37% per quarter on sales of PlayStations, Dual Shock controllers and various PS2 games that use the technology. 

Predictably, Sony wasn't very pleased with the decision. So Sony sought to overturn the ruling by arguing that Immersion tried to conceal the fact that Immersion had entered into discussions with a third party who invented similar technology before Immersion invented its rumble technology.   The US District Court for the Northern District of California recently ruled that Sony failed to prove any concealment. In the court's view, Sony could have discovered this information during the course of the lawsuit if Sony had chosen to do so.

Sony will now continue onward with its appeal of the original decision.
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