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November 17, 2006

Call me a wet blanket, but did I really see people lined up on Bay Street this morning, in the rain, waiting for a chance to get a Sony PS3? Not since the last time I was in the UK and saw hoards of fans, in costume no less, waiting for the release of the latest Harry Potter novel, have I seen such an excited bunch of folks! Apparently one store in town has 100 for sale, another only 12. I have to wonder how Sony decided that one. In any event, the media are encamped and waiting for the doors to be thrown open for Sony's adoring gaming fans who are just dying to part with hundreds of hard earned dollars for"? what was it? A chance to make a profit by selling their new PS3's on eBay?  Ahhh, the cynic in me… Though admittedly, when I heard that there was a bid on eBay out of California for $19,000USD, I nearly went back to see if I too might find a place in line. Um, hi, Theresa? I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and won't be in"? damn, was that a news camera pointed at me?!   Gulp.  But no, instead,I look forward to watching all of this on the news tonight and possibly playing a rousing game of Pong on my 20 inch, not-even-close-to flat screen TV.  Note to self  tell Santa I have a couple of things to add to my Christmas list"?

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