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May 19, 2005

A new report from Nintendo of America describes the company's various anti-piracy efforts in the first quarter of 2005. Nintendo, which is ramping up its anti-piracy efforts, proudly reports on how many counterfeited products were confiscated around the world (approximately 178,287), how many on-line auctions for counterfeit products were shut down (approximately 25,299), and how many criminal actiosn and investigations are ongoing (about 81).

The report also discusses various significant piracy cases, including the start of a trial in Taiwan against Eric Lo and his company Revotek (whom Nintendo claims has designed and distributed in excess of 35 million chips used in counterfeit Nintendo games); the addition of a Taiwanese semiconductor company to existing litigation against two US companies for distributing counterfeit devices; and obtaining a $5 million judgment (plus interest) in Hong Kong against defendants who sold the Flash Advance Linker (which allows Game Boy software products to be copied).

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