Pine Beetle Projects Get a Boost

Climate Change Law Practice Group Blog

July 16, 2007

Submitted by Danielle Jarvis.

As part of the Canadian federal government’s commitment to invest $100 million over three years in BC to reduce the consequences of the mountain pine beetle (MPB) infestation, the government has announced funding of over $2 million for projects through Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and is seeking requests for proposals. The federal funding is part of a cost-sharing Canada-BC Implementation Strategy between the federal government and British Columbia, based on the objectives of BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan.

The three categories that will receive funding include projects that: 1) address the impacts of MPB infestation on non-timber resources ($1.007 million), 2) examine long-term forest management and timber harvesting ($140,000), and 3) explore alternate uses for the trees killed ($900,000). The deadline for letters of interest is July 31, 2007 and inquiries can be directed to Bill Wilson (, Director, Industry, Trade & Economics, NRCan, Canadian Forest Services.