Out Of Court Settlement In Guitar Hero Controllers Suit

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January 03, 2007

Guitar Heropublisher Red Octane has reached an out of court settlement with peripheral maker The Ant Commandos (TAC).  Red Octane was suing TAC over controller packaging, alleging that TAC had engaged in unfair competition, trademark infringement, copyight infringement, false advertising and was out there getting justly enriched all over the place for copying Red Octane's controllers.  Red Octane alleged that TAC's controllers weren't even compatible with the game.  TAC turned right around and sued Red Octane and its parent, Activision, alleging THEY had copied the controller from TAC's controllers for theFreaksseries of games.

So who copied who? We may never know.  TAC has reported to Gamasutra that they've reached an out of court settlement, but the details are remaining private at this point.

Coverage at http://urlsnip.com/773436  (Gamasutra)