Oklahoma Introduces Violent Videogames Bill

Video Game Law Blog

April 28, 2006

The latest in the seemingly relentless political attacks on the videogames industry comes in the shape of a new violent videogames bill from the State of Oklahoma, which has successfully passed a Senate hearing. The Oklahoma legislation would make it a felony to knowingly exhibit or sell violent video games to minors.

Seeking an amendment to existing laws that are intended to regulate the distribution of pornographic and sadomasochistic material, the new bill proposed by Senator Glen Coffee once again encompasses as broad and vague a definition of what constitutes a violent videogame as possible, ensuring all the bases are covered, but opening the bill up to scrutiny and dismissal on First Amendment grounds.

The new bill defines "inappropriate violence" to mean when "video game or computer software which is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community with respect to what is suitable for minors".

Should this bill be passed by the House and Senate and then signed by the Governor of Oklahoma, it will undoubtedly be challenged by the ESA, which has successfully secured both temporary and permanent injunctions against similar bills in California, Illinois and Michigan.

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