OK, So Maybe The Name Is A Little Similar…

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August 04, 2006

Eidos, makers of theTomb Raiderseries, are contemplating legal action for copyright infringement against Ozura Mobile, who are marketing a new game for mobile handsets called "Lava Kroft."  I'm not sure what all the fuss is about…surely these similarities are just coincidence
Main Character inTomb RaiderLara Croft, Lady Abbingdon, a buxom brunette beauty.  Main Character inLava Krofterr, Lava Kroft. A buxom, brunette beauty. Description of Lara Croft's raison d'etre"archeological wunderkind," "credited with the discovery of some 16 archeological sites of international significance." Description of Lava Kroft "a new age woman who has an exceptional thirst for discovering some of the most intriguing and mystical treasures in the world."More words of wisdom on Lara Croft's life her "exploits…invariably involve the unexplained or the outright unbelievable."  On the mystery that is Lava Kroft she suffers "an addiction to danger."Key Wardrobe Pieces for Lara in latestTomb Raidertitle, "Legend" a black tank top.  InLava Krofta white tank top.
See?! Innocent coincidences and not even that similar…black and white couldn't be more opposite, could they? And, I mean, Lava Kroft hangs out in volcanoes, according to Ozura Mobile's press release, available at http://shorl.com/fupytrafodrufro .  Lara Croft is the TOMB RAIDER, people, not the VOLCANO RAIDER.  These are two entirely distinct dark, shadowy crevasses.  I'm sure it will be fine.  Nooooo copyright infringement here, no siree.  I don't know what Eidos is getting all upset about.

Coverage at GamesIndustry.biz http://shorl.com/hibrobedidreko

Lara Croft information courtesy http://www.tombraider.com