NVidia Sued For Patent Infringement

Video Game Law Blog

September 19, 2006

Graphics processor giant nVidia is being sued for patent infringement.  Scanner Technologies, in their suit launched in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, claims that two of their patents, which disclose a method of manufacturing "ball grid array" devices, have been "deliberately and wilfully infringed" by nVidia.  Ball grid array, or BGA devices, are used as components in graphics cards, motherboards, computers, game consoles, cell phones and handheld consoles.  Scanner says nVidia has not only sold and is selling devices infringing Scanner patents, but has induced others to infringe as well. 

Scanner is seeking preliminary and permanent injunctions, as well as damages.  We'll keep you updated on developments in this case. 

Source http://shorl.com/gupobrebrupebo