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November 29, 2005

The US Patents and Trademarks Office granted Nintendo a new patent earlier this month US Patent No. 6,955,606, with the catchy title 'Game information storage medium and game system using the same"?. Since we think everyone should have the opportunity to read patents, here is a description from the patent itself

'"?the invention relates to a game information storage medium and a game system using the game information storage medium. The game information storage medium stores in a first game machine, a game program for a second game machine having an architecture different from the first game machine architecture and an emulator program for converting the second-game-machine game program to be executed on the first game machine. By executing the second-game-machine game program on the first game machine, a game can be enjoyed on the first game machine which would not otherwise have been possible."?

In short, the patent covers a technology which allows a later-generation console to play games from older consoles using emulation software. Some commentators believe this technology may be integral to Nintendo's next-generation Revolution console, which Nintendo promises will be able to play a back catalogue of older Nintendo games.

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