New Rules Proposed for U.S. Power Plants

Environmental, Energy and Resources Law

March 28, 2012

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed on Tuesday a rule to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The EPA Proposal will effectively require any new coal-fired plants to incorporate carbon capture and storage (“CCS”) equipment. The proposal does not affect currently operating plants, or plants that already have permits and begin construction within 12 months.

A related EPA News Release states that the proposed rule reflects “the ongoing trend in the power sector to build cleaner plants that take advantage of American-made technologies.”   The EPA also claims that “the power plants that are currently projected to be built going forward” would already be compliant with the standard set by the proposal, and therefore there would be no additional costs of industry compliance.

Once the proposal has been published in the Federal Register, the EPA will commence a 60 day public comment period.

Written by Laura Easton, Student-at-Law | Edited by Michael Styczen, P.Eng