New Ontario Liquid Fuels Handling Code effective September 1, 2007

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June 07, 2007

Effective September 1, 2007, the 2001 Liquid Fuels Handling Code published by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (the "TSSA") will be revoked and replaced with the "Liquid Fuels Handling Code 2007". According to the TSSA press release, the major changes between the 2001 code and the 2007 code are as follows:

  • A new section on leak detection that contains information derived from Section 4.4 of the National Fire Code of Canada 2005;
  • A revised environmental section that makes reference to the Environmental Management Protocol for Operating Fuel Handling Sites in Ontario and requires that assessment reports be submitted to TSSA when removing an underground tank or large aboveground tanks;
  • A new requirement that facilities will have to replace single-wall piping within 12 months of discovering a leak in the pipe;
  • The section on highway tanks has been reorganized and harmonized with the CSA B620; and
  • A new section to regulate the operation of remotely monitored retail sites.

The Liquid Fuels Handling Code 2007 is not available from TSSA but is available from the Canadian Standards Association.