NCSoft Wants You To Play Smart

Video Game Law Blog

September 07, 2006

NC Soft, creator of "City of Heroes," wants to be a real-life superhero when it comes to protecting the virtual world from evil.  The company has announced that it is launching the "Play Smart" program, which will instruct gamers, and parents, on how to keep themselves and their children safe while playing online. 

"Play Smart" will commence later this year in the form of basic guidelines included in game packaging, which will warn gamers to keep their usernames, passwords, and credit card information private in order to avoid account swiping.  "Play Smart" will also stress the importance of never volunteering personal information to other players in order to avoid online predators.  "Play Smart" is an important industry initiative towards gaming safety, because, as noted by Matt Slagle of the AP, "though the true names and identities of players are disguised [in games] as avatars ranging from animals to sorcerers, there's nothing to prevent players from probing for personal information." 

Good on you, NC Soft.  In the immortal words of Dave Spratley, "No one likes a probing, it's true."

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