Louisiana Video Games Bill Revised

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June 06, 2006

Louisiana House Bill No. 254 has received a second reading in the senate and been referred to a Judiciary Committee. The Bill, which has been revised several times, amends the crime of sale, exhibition or distribution of material harmful to minors to include video games. 

As originally drafted, the Bill would have revised the definition of 'material harmful to minors"? to include cases of player participation in a video game in which certain specific offences were committed (including rape, kidnapping or the murder of a law enforcement officer) or in a video game that is devoted to or principally consists of descriptions of illicit sex or sexual immorality such that the average person applying contemporary community standards would find that the video game is presented in a manner to provoke or arouse lust, passion, or perversion or exploits sex. The revised Bill avoids any reference to the depiction of specific offences or any reference to contemporary community standards; instead, it mandates that commercial establishments require customers to show ID verifying their age before such customers can purchase video games with an ESRB rating of Mature or Adult Only Content.

Link to Text of Bill 254: http://shorl.com/gofujyhigrofro