Legal Dispute Over In-game Advertising Resolved

Video Game Law Blog

February 17, 2006

The dispute between Valve, the publisher of Counter-Strike, and IGA Worldwide, an in-game advertising firm, has been resolved. The two companies had become engaged in a legal quarrel over ads for the Subway fast-food chain placed by IGA Worldwide into the online Counter-Strike game using third party maps, servers and mods. Apparently at issue was the fact that the ad campaign had been implemented by IGA Worldwide without permission from Valve.

The joint statement released by Valve and IGA Worldwide stated both that an amicable resolution had been reached, and also that 'ads in games such as Counter-Strike require permission from the intellectual property (IP) owner"?. In other words, Valve is making it clear that its permission is required before its games can be used for in-game advertising campaigns.

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