Immersion And Electro Source Settle Patent Dispute

Video Game Law Blog

February 28, 2006

Immersion, which develops and licenses touch-feedback technology, has reached a settlement with Electro Source, maker of Pelican video game accessories and one of the top three sellers of video console accessories in the United States. This settlement comes after years of litigation over the 'rumble' effects that Immersion patented for use in its third-party game controllers, following litigation filed back in September 2004.

In accordance with the terms of the settlement, Electro Source will now have a worldwide license to Immersion's patents for vibro-tactile devices in the consumer gaming peripheral field of use. In consideration for this licence, Electro Source will make royalty payments to Immersion based on Electro Source's sales of spinning mass vibro-tactile gamepads, steering wheels, and other game controllers for dedicated gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation and PlayStation 2, the Nintendo GameCube, and the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, in addition to certain other remuneration.

Previously, Immersion won a lawsuit against Sony over two contested patents that Sony inadvertently violated in its Dual Shock controllers for PlayStation and PlayStation 2, though this lawsuit is being further contested. Immersion also settled against Microsoft in a case over similar Xbox-related patent violations, thanks to Immersion's wide-ranging patent on the concept.

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