Video Game Law Blog

October 18, 2005

In an earlier posting , we mentioned studies which concluded that violent video games (a) incite violence in youths and (b) have absolutely no effect on youths. A new study from Michigan State University falls into category '(a)"?. It concluded that playing a violent FPS had 'large observed effects"? on triggering aggressive thoughts in the players.     

Personally, we're tired of these studies. We want something new. How about a study to determine whether watching Barney makes adults go slightly insane? But here's a heads-up to any would-be Barney researchers Barney's lawyers play a lot of FPS games and they don't like it when you dis the purple dino.

Michigan coverage at  http://www.shorl.com/dusujohysteba
Barney coverage at  http://www.shorl.com/hajodrobrebrufry