GMX To Tesseraction It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Video Game Law Blog

February 17, 2006

Last week we told you how Tesseraction was claiming victory in winning a summary judgment against GMX over their distribution of "Enigma Rising Tide."  Well, apparently victory is all in the eyes of the beholder…GMX fired back this week with a strong refutal of Tesseraction's claims.  GMX says the judgment was won against a consultant for GMX, not an employee of the firm, and thus doesn't reflect badly on GMX.  GMX also says Tesseraction's lawsuit against them was dismissed in October 2005 because of jurisdiction issues.  Tesseraction maintains that only parts of the suit were dismissed, and that lawsuits are being refiled in the UK, and says success is still imminent.  Meanwhile, GMX says it's contemplating suing Tesseraction for trash talking GMX on their website…

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