Gizmondo Gets A Date

Video Game Law Blog

October 06, 2005

If all goes according to plan, on October 22ndAmerican gamers will finally be able to get their hands on Tiger Telematics' handheld gaming system, 'Gizmondo,"? which launched in the UK almost a year ago.   An interesting innovation, the Gizmondo will be sold for either$399 (US) for the regular system, or for $229 (US) for a model that automatically downloads and plays commercials.  Several details regarding Gizmondo's launch are still unclearwe're unsure whether it's launching in Canada, and nobody seems to know who will actually be selling the unit, although Tiger will reportedly be setting up special mall kiosks to move the handheld. Whether Gizmondo will be able to compete with Sony and Nintendo's new handheld units – the PSP, GBA Micro, and the DS – remains to be seen.

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